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I shopped several sites to order a new battery and A/C adapter for my laptop. I chose Pronto Chargers because the prices were good and they offered the adapter with an 8 ft cord. That was the selling feature. I also wanted to get a stronger battery than the one that came with my laptop. There were no specifications of the capacity of the battery on the website, but I wanted the 8 ft cord so I placed the order.

When I received the order, the cord was the standard 4 ft cord and the battery was of less capacity than I already had. I blame myself for the battery, I should have called to verify the specs on it. But I did call to say I ordered and paid for an 8 ft cord. I was told they would send one immediately at no charge. When it came, it was a cord that did not fit my computer. I called again and was told that there isn't an 8 ft cord available for my type laptop. The most they would do is reimburse me for the extra $6 bucks the 8 ft cord would cost and my shipping. After thinking it over, I sent an email stating that I was disappointed in this order, would never have placed it had I known there isn't an 8ft cord for my computer (even though the option was there for me to select) and wanted to send the entire order back for a refund. I received a response that simply said "thank you for contacting us, mail back to address xyz".

I returned the order via Fedex because I wanted proof that they got it. It is a good thing I did. I packed a copy of the email and order form in the box. Ten days after they received it, I emailed stating that I hadn't received a refund. The response said they apologize for the delay and they would open a ticket to get the refund, allow 2-3 days to process. 7 days later, still no refund. I emailed again and got no response to my email.

Today, 21 days after they received the order from Fedex, I called them. I was told they had no record of receiving my order back. I gave them the Fedex tracking number and they said they would not reimburse my original shipping, that they normally charge a restock fee for the adapter but that they would waive that, and there would be a 30% restock fee for the battery because they cannot use them once they are returned. So in the end, I am out $37.90 from the order plus my expense to Fedex order back.

There was no mention of any of this when I asked to return the order for a FULL refund. I understand about the battery fee, but feel as the consumer, I should have been informed beforehand about what would and would not be refunded. Had to turn around and order all over again from another site. Would have broke even had I just gone to Best Buy after my time and cost were factored.

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