I ordered an HP ZV6000 Charger July 8, 2014 online (with a friend's PC) because I needed a replacement for my PC related to having my own PC for a new job I had accepted. My Charger didnt work! The cash came out of the bank immediately and the ordr was processed within 4-6 hours (received an EMail telling me so).

Received the WRONG CHARGER WITH THE WRONG PLUG FOR PC in a torn up package (barely readable).

I called them immediately. The snotty Fran Drescher sounding ***-wipe in the Customer Service Department (Staci or Stephanie; I think), was a total *** the entire time I dealt with her during three to five complaint calls.

She started a return ticket and when she offered to send me the right charger and pay for shipping - sorry! That's not good enough! I had a JOB (which I was promtly received a rescind message about) that counted on this charger!

I ordred the CORRECT CHARGER - it's on my paperwork, EMail Confirm and on the Packing List. It's pretty obvious that the Sh*#heads in the shipping department dont know their *** from a hole in the ground.

The complaint call included the information (volunteered by them) that their warehouse that the charger shipped from is about 18 miles from my residence. I offered to drop the wrong charger off and pickup the CORRECT REPLACEMENT if they would refund my purchase and my shipping. The *** REFUSED!

Their Warehouse is in Houston, Texas.

The complaint phone call ended with this *** transferring me to a continually unanswered line and then, as my unanswered calls said, I was (programmed) to remain in the cue and the 'next caller in line' for HOURS while trying to get transferred to a manager!

They are receiving notice any day now to refund my FULL AMOUNT "AND" send me a return slip for the one that I got that was incorrect.

Their failure to live up to their guarantee has gotten me so angry that if I don't get my refund, they will be summoned to COURT for the refund, shipping, my time and the loss of the position that I had been offered that required me to have my own PC!

This site and the complaints here GUARANTEE ME MY VICTORY!


Thanks for your time,

'Still Unemployed'

Monetary Loss: $90035.

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